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All Star + Select Teams

All Star Teams are the highest form of competition. Players are nominated and then collectively agreed upon by coaches. They are invited to play in District Competitions that can continue on to State Competitions.


Select Teams are the 2nd highest form of competition. They are the second tier Tournament Team. Players are invited. They can also be made up of more than one age class. 


Interest in The Selects or the All Star Teams does not guarantee a player invite. Both teams are an additional cost to Regular Season play.

About Plymouth - New Hope All Stars

Each year, Plymouth-New Hope Little League (hereafter PNHLL) will attempt to field competitive teams to participate in various post-season Little League tournament play that occur in the month of July.

The teams are composed of players from various teams and divisions that participated in the regular PNHLL Spring Baseball Season. This page describes the process that PNHLL will follow when selecting the managers, coaches and players to represent PNHLL in all Little League post-season tournaments.

In order to apply to be an All Star Manager, you must be an existing coach in the current regular season. The Coaches who are interested in being an All Star Coach Candidate will fill out an application, the qualifying applicants will be reviewed by the league and voted on by the Board of Directors. After a Board Vote the respective candidates will be offered the All-Star Manager position. 

To be considered as the 12U All Star Manager, you must be a current team Manager in the Majors Division. 


Players are nominated by their regular season Managing Coaches - these coaches attend a meeting, along with the PNHLL President and Division Coordinator. A nomination does not mean a selection. The All-Star Manager will have broad discretion to select players from the nominations that he/she feels will best contribute and create a competitive team that represents PNHLL in post-season tournament play.

All Star Teams that are ages 10U/11U/12U compete for Minnesota District 1 titles.



The objective of the All-Star selection process is as follows:

  • Comply with Little League International rules
  • Create the most competitive team(s) possible
  • Create teams that will represent the league’s values
  • Provide transparency of the process
  • Be fair to players, parents and coaches
  • Be consistent in its application across leagues
  • Provide extended baseball opportunities for families interested
  • Consider all nominated player(s) fairly

ALL STAR Manager Selection

All Star Coaches should have the main goal of creating competitive teams while providing playing opportunities for all players. A Player's effort and ability can change from day-to-day, your objective should be to constantly adjust and align your team to reward those efforts put forth by the players elected. Coaches are expected to make changes from game-to-game to reflect a player's current skill and performance in these fast-paced tournaments. Coaches are expected to provide an open dialogue with parents and a positive playing atmosphere for all players.

Coaches who honor and reflect this philosophy will be considered as All Star Team Managers by the PNHLL Board of Directors


Manager and Assistant Coach Eligibility
  1. All-Star Managers and Assistant Coaches are considered ambassadors of PNHLL. They must have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion, upholding the values of PNHLL both on and off the field during the regular season.  The President and/or League Commissioners may disqualify a candidate from consideration for conduct deemed unbecoming a representative of the PNHLL League
  2. A candidate must have completed the online workshop Trusted Coaches, as well as, passed a Background Check
  3. A candidate who currently Manages a team in the PNHLL regular spring season shall be the  first applicant(s) considered
  4. All candidate Coaches and Managers interested in coaching All-Stars must complete an online form indicating their availability and commitment to coach the All-Star teams before May 17th of a tournament year.



Before a player will be considered and nominated for an All-Star team, the player must satisfy these general requirements:

  1. Eligibility
  2.  Availability
  3.  Ability
  4. Performs at the highest level

Secondary Considerations for All Star nominations are as follows:

  1. Commitment to their regular season team
  2. Attitude during regular season
  3. Effort put forth in practice and games
  4. Coachable 


  • Players are eligible to be nominated to All-Star team if they meet the players Little League age requirements of ages  8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Players must have participated in at least 60 percent of the cumulative number of games for PNHLL regular season and championship tournament games.
  • Players younger than the age for the respective All Star Team may be nominated if they are deemed by the Selection Committee as qualified for the team and capable of playing competitively at that age level
  • Players live or attend school within the Plymouth - New Hope LL Boundaries, or have a waiver stating eligibility 


All Invited All Stars are expected to take their nomination and commitment seriously. Failure of Full Participation  may effect playing time, and the future consideration of this player's All Star Eligibility 


  • All-Star practices begin shortly after regular season play. Tournament play for the 12U All-Stars could extend through August culminating in play at the International Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. 
  •  11/10 All-Stars and 10/9 All-Stars play will complete through the end of July in the Minnesota State Championship tournament.
  • Players and parents must be committed to and available for the entirety of All-Star play.
  • A player who cannot commit to participate in all tournament games will not be considered for an All-Star team.
  • If a player is absent from a material number of practices or games, but remains on the team, their playing time will be reduced in proportion to the missed practices and games.


All-Star team members must be able to contribute at the highest level of athleticism and baseball skill. To be considered for All-Star nomination, players will be assessed on the following by their regular season coaches:

  • Performance of play in regular season games
  • Player's demonstrated baseball skills and situational awareness
  • Player’s attitude, competitive spirit, and commitment to their regular season team
  • Player's ability to perform under different circumstances 


If you child is not placed on an All Star Team, we still provide excellent and competitive forms of baseball within our Tournament Team: THE SELECTS.

Select Teams perform against district teams at the 2nd highest level of competition. Players are invited by coaches and the league. 

We want all kids within PNHLL to have opportunities to extend their love for baseball and the levels of which they compete. 

The Select Teams and Tournament is hosted by PNHLL and does not require the same formal process that All Stars is required to follow. Though they compete during the same time period, there is no official paperwork requirements or boundary requirements to be on the select teams.

The Selects play in the divisions of

Majors (12/11)

Minor high (11/10)

Minor low (10/9)

There is no requirement for eligibility other than you are currently on a PNHLL Spring team, you are available during the play period, you are the correct age requirements for the division, you are invited to play, and/or we have enough kids per age class to field a full Select team.

The Select Teams can be made up of more than one age class in order to field a full team. 

The Selects are not competing for District titles, though it is a competitive Tournament, it has more flexible rules on who can qualify to play including substitutes.

Tournaments will consist of pool play and bracket games with a promise of 5 games minimum

All current PNHLL coach in any division is eligible to coach a selects team. There will be an application process if necessary and the President and Coordinators will decide who should be the manager if needed. There is not a formal Board of Directors vote.



PNHLL offers 2 forms of Tournament Teams.

1. All Stars - 1st tier Little League Sanctioned

2. The Selects - 2nd tier non-Little League Sanctioned

Both Tournaments Teams play high levels of committed baseball throughout the month of July. There is an additional cost to participate in post-season Tournament Teams. If the cost is an issue, let us know, we do not want someone to miss out due to financial strain. 

All Stars Participate in 2 tournaments. 1 is run by the District and consists of batting 9 and rotating all players in the field. Players are often tied together and share roles on defense and offense. Playing time is not equal in ages 9-12. The second tournament is continuous batting through the line up and consistent with regular season playing time. 

The Selects Participate in one large event that is 3 weeks long. It is continuous batting and playing time is consistent with regular season play. All kids are eligible to be on The Selects, there is no nomination process. 

Just because you show interest in a tournament team does not guarantee you a spot, though we try to help as many kids play post-season as possible.