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Dibs (Volunteering) Frequently Asked Questions

Dibs Updates

We've made some changes to Dibs  including reducing the number of required hours for families with one player and reducing the amount to "buy out" of your Dibs hours. Please read this section thoroughly for more detail!

Ensuring you fulfill your Dibs hours requires forethought and planning so please be sure you understand your commitment by reading and understanding this page. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator.

What are Dibs?

Running a successful Little League is a LOT of work and Plymouth New Hope Little League is a volunteer-run baseball community. To help keep things running smoothly, to ensure our league is strong, and to build community among baseball-loving families, each participating family is asked to contribute in some way. Most families choose to volunteer their time, but you may also choose to "buy out" your hours with a financial contribution.

For those families that choose to volunteer their time, PNHLL uses SportsEngine’s Dibs system to schedule and manage our volunteer opportunities. Available Dibs shifts will display in the Dibs section at

There are many opportunities and options for fulfilling your Dibs hours including:

  • Player evaluations in March 
  • Regular season - May, June, July 
  • Tournaments - Rookie Weekend
  • Refer a new family (see below)
  • Dibs hours buy-out option (see below)
  • Hire someone to fulfill your hours for you (see below)

When you register your player for the spring season, you will automatically be added to an email distribution list that will alert you to Dibs opportunities. See below for other questions about emails.

How many Dibs hours am I required to fulfill?

  • 6 Hours for families with 1 player 6-7 years old
  • 14 Hours for families with 1 player 8-12 years old 
  • 12 Hours for families with 2 Rookie players 
  • 16 Hours for families with multiple children in the league
    • The maximum number of hours per family is 16. Thus, if a family has 7 & 11 year old players, their Dibs requirement is 16 hours
  • If you find that you cannot make your scheduled shift for any reason, a 48 hour notice is required. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of Dibs check (see below). Dibs hours must be completed by the end of the regular spring/summer season - approximately June 30th.  This is a change for the 2020 season. Unlike previous years, Dibs commitments for 2021 do not include opportunities during the Memorial Cup Tournament held in July. 

How does the Dibs deposit check work?

If you intend to fulfill your hours (as opposed to using the buy-out option), a volunteer deposit check (Dibs check) will be collected at evaluations on March 14. If a deposit check (or buy-out) is not received by 3:00 PM on Saturday, March 14, your player may be evaluated, but will not be placed on a team or receive a uniform until the check has been received.

Please make checks payable to PNHLL and include your players' names in the memo section.

Checks WILL NOT be cashed if families fulfill their required hours for the season.

What jobs do and don’t count towards fulfilling Dibs hours?

All jobs posted in the Dibs section of are eligible to earn Dibs hours.

There are opportunities to earn Dibs hours during the following times:

  • Player evaluations in March
  • Regular season - May, June, July
  • Tournament - Rookie Weekend

These jobs include:

  • Concessions (During tournaments and regular season)
    • Cashier
    • Worker
    • Grill
    • Opener/Closer
  • Field Maintenance Crew
  • Sponsor Banner Hangers
  • PNHLL-Hosted Tournaments
    • Maintenance/Field Chalk
    • Tournament Helper
  • Evaluations
    • Check in
    • Uniform Fitter
    • Group Leader/Floater
    • Timekeeper

Please see the links and documents under "Volunteer Resources" for more detailed information on these roles.

Other jobs that are eligible to earn Dibs hours but are not available to claim in the general Dibs section:

Title Description Contact

Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Manager/Assistant Coach

Limited to three adults per team

Coaching applications are now closed.


Concession Stand Openers/Closers NEW FLEXIBLE SHIFTS! If placed in the Opener/Closer Pool, you will have exclusive access to Opener/Closer Dibs shifts. (Click here for job description and more information)

Volunteer Coordinator

or Concessions Manager

Field Maintenance Crew NEW FLEXIBLE SHIFTS! If placed in the Field Maintenance Crew Pool, you will have exclusive access to Field Maintenance Crew Dibs shifts (Click here for job description and more information)

Volunteer Coordinator

or Field Manager

While we greatly appreciate everyone pitching in where and when it's needed, the following jobs are not eligible for earning Dibs hours:

  • Regular season
    • Helping out at practices or games
    • Score bookkeeping
    • Pitch counting
    • Score board
  • Winter clinic
    • Coaching or assisting

What if I don’t want to work Dibs hours? Is there a buy-out option?

You can opt to buy-out your required hours by paying $150 for Rookies and $250 for Minors and Majors or families with 2 or more players. You will be charged at the time of evaluations and will not be required to fulfill any DIBS hours.


Are there any other ways to earn Dibs hours?

Yes! If you refer a new family to PNHLL, you can earn a Dibs credit.

Help us recruit NEW families to the league and you will receive 2 Dibs hours credit per new family. For example, if you recruit 2 new families you will get credit for 4 Dibs hours. Be sure to have the new family fill-in your name when they register their child(ren).  

How do I claim Dibs?

There are many opportunities and options for fulfilling your Dibs hours including:

  • Player evaluations in March
  • Regular season - May and June

A preview of available Dibs hours will be emailed out to all registered families before shifts are posted. A specific date and time for when shifts will be available to claim will be provided as well. The intent is to provide adequate time to review schedules and plan for claiming shifts.

Once shifts are posted and available to claim, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the SportsEngine account used to register your player(s)
  2. Click on the Dibs tab (left hand banner)
  3. Click on your Dibs session
  4. Review available volunteer positions. You can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow your search
  5. Click on a shift to get to the claim window
  6. If you see the message "No Dibs items found," all shifts have been claimed for the filters you selected above
  7. If there are no available shifts for your preferred time period, remember to check back often. If someone else cancels their shift, it will become available to claim
  8. Be sure you sign in for your shift at the concession stand! If there is a dispute about whether or not you were present for your shift, the sign in sheet will be consulted.
  9. After your shift has been completed, be sure to mark it as complete in the Dibs section of the website so your hours can be properly credited.

How Do I Get Credit for Dibs Shifts I've Completed?

Dibs Sign In Binder

No matter what type of shift you are working, be sure to sign in at the Concession Stand in the Dibs sign in binder.

Once your shift is completed, go back to the Dibs page and mark your shift complete. Here's how:

What happens if I can’t make my Dibs shift?

If you find that you cannot make your scheduled shift for any reason, you may cancel your shift online through the Dibs system 48 hours or more in advance of the start of your shift.

Log into your SportsEngine account, click on your user name in the top banner, and select the Dibs link that pops up to view your claimed sessions. Click on the shift you want to be released from, and choose "request cancellation."

If there are fewer than 48 hours until the start of your shift, you must email our Volunteer Coordinator  as soon as possible so we can try to find a replacement.

Shifts cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the shift are subject to forfeiture of the Dibs deposit check.

What if my Dibs shift is cancelled, delayed, or cut short due to weather?

If games at Zachary Playfield are cancelled by PNHLL, your DIB shift is cancelled. When this happens, we make every effort to give those with cancelled shifts priority in rescheduling.

Partial shifts due to PNHLL-determined weather-related issues will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I hire someone to complete my Dibs shifts for me?

Yes! PNHLL has a pool of teens and young adults who are available for you to hire to fulfill your Dibs hours. If you would like to be connected with someone from this pool, please email PNHLL Volunteer Coordinator at for more information.

Alternately, you can hire someone from your own network to fulfill your hours for you. You can hire someone to work concession stand hours. Please note that a worker must be at least 16 years old to work the cash register or grill. Sponsor Banner Hangers can be 12 or older, and concession stand workers (Concession Stand Worker I) can be 14 or older (though certain roles like cashier require the worker to be 16 years or older).

Why am I not receiving emails about Dibs?

When you register your player for the spring season, you will automatically be added to an email distribution list that will alert you to Dibs opportunities.

The volunteer coordinator periodically sends out notifications that Dibs volunteer shifts are either coming out soon or available.  If you have not received any notifications please email us to verify your registration.

Be sure to check your spam mailbox and settings! Ensure your email program recognizes emails coming from as a safe sender.

You can also check out the document titled “How To Change/Add NGIN Emails” under "Dibs Resources" on the right of this page

Who do I contact with questions about PNHLL Dibs?

If you have questions about Volunteer shifts please contact Vicky Shaffer, our volunteer coordinator.