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Evaluations FAQ

When and Where are Evaluations?

2023 Evals will be held at Robbinsdale Cooper High School Community Gyms.   8230 47th Ave N, New Hope, MN 55428

THURSDAY March 9th 6:30pm-7:30pm 

ALL 12U players


THURSDAY March 9th 7:45pm-8:45pm 

ALL 11U players


SATURDAY March 11th 8:15am-9:15am

10U and 9U players with last name A-K 


SATURDAY March 11th 9:30am-10:30am

10U and 9U players with last name L-Z 


SATURDAY March 11th 10:45am-11:45am 

8U players with last name A-K 


SATURDAY March 11th 12:15pm-1:15pm

8U players with last name L-Z  


Due at evals:

What are Evaluations?

Evaluations are a skills standard that we use to determine which PNHLL division best serves your child in the upcoming season. We use our evaluations to create division break downs, which we feel gives your child the best opportunity to enhance their baseball skills.

Your child's skill is shown in stations such as Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, and Speed. These same skill stations are tested equally for each age group and the score standards do not change based on age. Your child's score is reflected appropriately next to their peers to give our Coordinators the best opportunity to place your child in the appropriate division.

It is important to know that no one is cut during evaluations, they are solely a skill assessment to help coaches and league coordinators properly place kids within the differing PNHLL divisions and create even teams.  

See more about PNHLL Divisions here 

Why are Evaluations Important?

Evaluations are important because they are the only time we can see current skill levels before we make divisions and teams for the upcoming season. We place kids in division based on skill, not age. 

Skill assessments, past experience, age, and last year's coaching feedback (when available) are the combining factors we use to create the divisions for the entire league in the upcoming Spring Season, and it is important we have a fair and equal assessment of each child. 

Evaluations and skill assessments help us determine the children who can safely move up a playing  division. These skill assessments also gives our Coaches the best opportunity to create even teams in each division when it comes to team drafts

If you do not make it to evaluations then it is impossible for us to know if your child is qualified to move up to the next division. 


Hitting station

Players will get a few hits off of warm up tees. Players will move into the batting cage to hit off of a hitting tee and soft toss to be evaluated. Evaluated criteria are:

  • form
  • contact
  • strength
  • balls in play


Fielding / Throwing Station

A coach will be hitting 6 ground balls to players. Players will both field the ball and throw the ball back to the coach. Evaluated criteria are:

  • form
  • hustle
  • throw
  • accuracy 

Pitching Station

Player will have a few warm ups and will be throwing to a catcher. After warm ups, player will move to the "evaluation mound" where they pitch 5-7 balls to a catcher.  Evaluated criteria are:

  • form
  • velocity
  • accuracy



Who Evaluates My Child?

Our evaluators are (chosen) volunteers. The same evaluators stay at every station throughout the day to give the most accurate scoring. With multiple evaluators at every station their scores are then compared amongst the other evaluators to be sure they are fair & unbiased.

The evaluators do not change stations, and are at their stations for the entirety of the day. Those  same evaluators watch every single child in the PNH League to keep scoring fair and consistent. 

The evaluator's main goal is simple, to give your child the best experience for their skill level and to help our Coaches and Coordinators create fair teams for the league. 

Is Showing Up at My Assigned Time Important?

Yes, it is very important you try your best to make your assigned time. Your child's evaluation results will definitely be most accurate if they are seen amongst their peers.

If you absolutely must switch times please know that their skill might appear different to the evaluators who are seeing a different age category. We are run solely on volunteers who are trying their best to keep everything fair and consistent but we need your help. With limited gym time we are only allowed to have a certain amount of kids in the gym at a time, that is also why changing times can be very difficult during evaluations. 

Can I Register After Evaluations Take Place?

REGISTRATION CLOSES MARCH 4th 2023. No registrations will be accepted after March 4th. 

Majors, Minor-A, and Minor-B do not take registrations after Evaluations take place. However, children can be placed on a wait list in the case that a registered participant drops out before the season begins.

Why? After Evals our Coordinators and members of the Board meet to review the skill assessments and the number of participants. It is then determined, after much review, how many teams and players will be in each division based on evaluations and coaches feedback. The goal is to create divisions with similar skill level, equal players per team and allow quality playing time for the players that registered. Once this happens divisions are then slotted and teams begin drafting.

By making exception for one late registration, we would have to continue to make an exception, and thus further complicating our goal of fair play for the larger group of our participants.

read more about registrations here