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About our League

What is PNHLL?

PNHLL is a Little League that provides competitive baseball opportunities for all youth ages 6-12 years old in the PLYMOUTH,  NEW HOPE, and MAPLE GROVE AREAS.

We are dedicated to teaching strong fundamentals at all levels of play, developing a strong community, and giving kids the tools they need to move on to other levels of baseball if they choose.

Most games and practices take place during the week in the evenings. There are minimal weekend games, leaving time for you to enjoy your families (and cabins!)

Minors and Majors divisions may play games in the nearby Metro Areas. 

We have opportunities for children to play in tournament teams at the end of the year extending the season for those who are selected, and who would like to participate. 

It is important to know that PNHLL is different from park and rec community baseball, as it is a more competitive form of play. Our main focus is to develop strong baseball foundations, while still allowing play for all kids who want to join.

Games are at Zachary Play Fields, Practices are held in the Plymouth and New Hope areas depending on availability.

Kids are placed in divisions based on the number of registrations we have and their skill level.  See our Divisions FAQ page or Registration FAQ for more information. 

We are run by a board of directors and not by city officials. Though we partner with the cities on field use, we are run independently. 

Thank You!

The PNHLL Board of Directors

AM I Eligible for PNHLL?

Any child ages 6-12 years of age who lives in, or attends school in, the Official PNHLL Boundaries is eligible for play! Please see our boundary map to verify if your home or school is within the PNHLL charter! 


IF you do not live within our boundaries you are still eligible to play in our league with the proper waiver. However, your child will not be eligible for Official Tournament Teams (such as All Star Teams for ages 9/10/11/12) However, your child would be eligible for Select Tournament teams and tournaments 


The schools listed  qualify  you to play in our league, as they are located within our boundaries.

Eligible Plymouth and New Hope Schools



-Meadow Lake

-FAIR Pilgrim Lane

-Zachary Lane

-St. Raphael's

-King of Grace

-Holy Trinity Lutheran

-Good Shepherd

-Sacred Heart

-Plymouth Middle School

Eligible Osseo Schools


-Cedar Island

-Oak View

-Weaver Lake

-Maple Grove Middle School