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COVID 19 Waiver for Spring Baseball


Please complete using the following form (1 per child):

Coaches will also need to fill out a waiver.

COVID-19 Spring Safety Guidelines

Plymouth New-Hope Little League’s Safety Plan outlines the processes to reduce our association’s players, coaches, volunteers, and families’ potential exposure to the Coronavirus during activities associated with our program. These guidelines were developed to support compliance with orders and guidelines issued by the Federal Government, the State of MN, and the cities of Plymouth and New Hope. PNHLL guidelines may change in relation to future changes to these recommendations. PNHLL may adjust or revise policies that are found to need improvement after on-field practices begin. Amendments can be made at any time during the PNHLL session.

These guidelines apply to all PNHLL activities associated with the current baseball season and equipment used during such activities.

These guidelines apply to all coaches, families, players, and volunteers participating in PNHLL activities associated with the current baseball season. All participants must review this document and acknowledge understanding before they will be permitted to participate in group activities.

Return to Play Procedures

  1. All posted and published local and state-regulated guidelines shall be followed.

  2. This document is supplemented by the current Return to Play Protocols in place by PNHLL and any host facility or governing athletic association that PNHLL participates in.

  3. Any person who is experiencing symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from attending the event/venue of play. Participants should use the current Covid-19 Decision tree for guidance when experiencing symptoms.

  4. PNHLL will send out periodic reminders for families to conduct Health Screenings -- see link for the PNHLL Health Screening protocol available on our website:

  5. Players who have been identified as a Covid-19 case will be required to contact the league within 24 hours to let us know. The league will notify families if a case is reported in their POD.

  6. Players will be required to quarantine for the appropriate time frame if they are considered a Covid-19 positive case or close contact. MDH quarantine guidelines, which can be found here,  will be followed

  7. All teams are considered a “POD” -- PODS are considered a “close contact.” Opponents will not be considered a “close contact.”

  8. Only designated coaches and volunteers approved by the league are allowed to run team events to reduce exposure and contact.

  9. Players and coaches will be required to wear masks and comply according to the current MN State mandates and the host facility’s requirements.

  10. If more than 1 team has events - arrival and departure times will be staggered to help kids in and out of the buildings safely and to limit congregating at entrances. Coaches will be responsible for their team.

  11. PNHLL will schedule 15 minutes of “downtime” between the transfer of event spaces for new pods to arrive. Teams will not be allowed to take the field until the previous games or practice has fully exited the field.

  12. PNHLL players, coaches, and volunteers will take proactive steps to create and maintain social distancing environments at all times, where possible.

  13. Player-owned equipment is strongly encouraged when possible as it may reduce potential exposure to viruses and illness. Any shared equipment should be sanitized properly.

  14. PNHLL encourages parents to supply their players with antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer for disinfecting. Coaches will also have sanitizing materials available and will be responsible for sanitizing any shared equipment and surfaces. Players and coaches will sanitize their hands upon arrival to practices/games and prior to departure.

  15. Players must bring their own water bottle as there will be no shared water coolers or bottles.

  16. No sunflower seeds will be allowed in the dugout.

  17. Parents will not be allowed at indoor events.

  18. Spectators are required to maintain a minimum of 6 feet from individuals not in their family. Spectators will also be required to follow all current MN and local mask mandates.

  19. All players (or their guardians) and coaches must complete and sign a Return to Play Waiver prior to participating in any PNHLL events.